All ANNA-TINA ORIGINAL blankets are handmade, pre-washed and tumble dried.

Just like your favourite pair of jeans, these blankets grow more beautiful and full of character as they age – if you treat them properly!

Here are some simple and important recommendations on how to care for your favourite ANNA-TINA ORIGINAL blankets.


  • Wash them in your washing machine on a delicate programme at max 30°Celsius
  • Use a soft washing powder
  • Tumble dry them


  • Never wash them warmer than 30°Celsius!
  • Never soak them
  • Never bleach them
  • Don’t use Fabric Softener
  • Don’t dry them in the direct sunlight

Following these steps will ensure that your ANNA-TINA ORIGINAL blankets age well naturally and prevent any bleeding and unnecessary fading of colours or irregular shrinkage of the materials.